The Foundation of a Contemplative Religious Community

By a gift of Divine Providence, we have been led to a 400-acre mountain retreat property in the Blue Ridge Mountains about one hour from Asheville, North Carolina.  The owners have desired for 35 years that this place be consecrated to God and have been waiting for religious to realize that.  Now, they desire our community of traditional hermits to make this another Mount Carmel for Our Lord and Our Lady.

Living on the property, we have found that the finger of God has impressively formed this land, such that it is truly ideal for our religious observance and specific spiritual apostolate in the Church.  It sits high upon a beautiful mountain landscape and abounds with trees, quiet valleys, running springs, and verdant gardens; the large house, two cabins, chapel, extensive workshop, and barn—as well as fitting locations for future hermitages—make it excellent for the foundation of a strictly-observant eremitical community and the accommodation of future guests for a spiritual retreat, including you.

We come not to be served but to serve Christ and His Church and to make of our lives an oblation to God in union with Our Lady of Mount Carmel.  We are living evangelical poverty and are totally dependent upon the charitable support of the faithful, whom we wish to serve as consecrated religious brothers and priests, offering prayer, penance, and a spiritual retreat for souls.  Our first priority is to observe to the greatest extent the disciplines of the contemplative charism to which God is calling us.  However, in order to do this, we need to raise funds for the community and to begin to take possession of the property.  We are currently signing a lease while awaiting canonical erection in the proximate months, and we will be looking to purchase the property after Canonical approval in order to make of this place an offering to God, hallowed with the Blood of Christ our great High Priest and saving Victim in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, incensed with the silent contemplation of souls given to God, echoing with the solemn tones of the Divine Office chanted according to the ancient Carmelite Rite, and sprinkled with the sweat of manual labor and strict penance: Asperges me, Domine…

Your prayers and material support will provide our foundation the time and place to confirm the canonical erection of our community with the bishops of the Church, to begin to welcome priests and the faithful for retreat, and to advance in the observance of our charism and the formation of our brothers for the fruition of religious and priestly vocations in a lifetime of service, now and for generations to come.