Lenten Prayer Campaign

The prayers and penances of the Hermits will be offered for those enrolled this Lent.

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Step 2. A charitable tax-deductible donation is suggested as an optional offering for each enrollment.
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Step 3: You will receive an e-mail confirmation and notifications can optionally be sent to those enrolled.

Hail to the Cross, our only hope...

The salvation of the human race was accomplished by prayer and loving sacrifice on Calvary. Consecrated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and in union with our divine Savior, our mission is to perpetuate and cooperate in this saving mystery for the transformation of the world and the salvation of souls. Please help us in this holy labor.

Your involvement and support can help save souls.

"Here in Carmel, there is nothing, nothing but God. He is all, He suffices, and one lives for Him alone and for His glory... in this life of prayer and contemplation, interceding always for His people before the Face of God."
-St. Elizabeth of the Trinity

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